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half of this dream took place in and around my old home in illinois. first, my dad took down my iraqi wallpaper and replaced it with aztec and blue stuff. i was like, "*why* have you done this?" it was strange and i was quite perturbed. then he threw me out of the house and i spent the next several hours trying to get back in through a window. i've never had such a dream before!

let's see.. then i was going to build a wall and a window on the grounds of a school, but missy elliott had already used the material and style i wanted to use. i didn't want to copy anyone else, so i was at a loss. then i turned around and looked at the largest schoolbus i had ever seen in my life: it was bus on top of bus, ala the kind of truck that hauls cars. it had a LOT of kids in it. i wondered what they would think of me if i got on the bus, not remembering that i am an adult and they would probably quiet down. i must remember that i am not their peer!

then i dreamed i was in an enormous house with a body in a glass coffin. the gothic family wanted to try to revive her, but i didn't think it would work. well, it did and it was c-r-e-e-p-y. the rest of the dream was me watching them half-omniciently. the female contingent of the house scared me endlessly, just because they were long and lean with black hair, pale faces, and quiet. i guess i was afraid of them. i spent the rest of the dream contemplating my approach, and finally put on some of the mother's clothes -- and her lipstick -- and approached them outside. they turned out to be nice people.

10:46 a.m. - 2004-02-27


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