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at an awards show like the grammys, i sit backwards in a prominent seat and search frantically through a cardboard box for a performer's record. the performer is a 1970s r&b crooner, and embarrassingly, i've forgotten his last name even though he's two feet away from me on the stage. he needs the record, so i need to find it pronto. but for some reason i don't ask anyone around me for help, i just flip and flip. i have the pervasive feeling of letting this person down, and it sucks. so, i sneak out and go to the nearest library and try to look up his name in the _who's who of american musicians_ book... but i still don't know his surname. there, the librarian accosts me and says i can only check out 1 of these huge books at a time, but i'm not planning to go anywhere with them. i look at her in disdain and think, 'you're not being helpful.' walking away from her, i spy a computer and start typing to google him, but its user is watching a dvd about lions and i can't exit out of it. arrrggghhhh!!! all of this is happening in real time so i know i have screwed up and feel ashamed. i hope eddie what's-his-name doesn't hate me when we see each other again.

12:24 p.m. - 2005-02-26


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