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Gray animals and people

I keep falling asleep and dreaming.

This time it was in black and white. I was sitting by a creek, possibly behind our house in Illinois. This would have been running through the grass in the backyard. Anyway, on either end of a pole swam a baby elephant and some other animal. I called them gray animals. Possibly the other one was a dog but I think it was bigger. They didn't harm me but it was strange. Then T was sitting next to me. I was saying, "Remember when I told you about The Grays?" meaning these gray animals. He said I never told him about it. The concern at the end of the dream was not to attract gray people. I haven't ever had a dream like this. If it is an energy thing, perhaps it means to keep going, keep living and keep my life energy green. Maybe it means to connect with people who are still vibrantly alive and living, and stay away from people who are dead inside.

11:21 a.m. - 2014-02-22


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