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the scenery in this dream was very dull, cheap, and depressing. the rooms of the place were old, well worn, and probably would have smelled of decay or stagnation had i stopped to take a whiff. mostly what i felt was an almost irrepressible urge to get away. the people i interacted with were old, not quite raggedy but totally beaten down by life -- basically bitter and determined to keep me there with them.

i would rather have slit my wrists, frankly. i slipped out a side door, or maybe the front door, and ran for my life. i heard the crochety old woman's voice in my ear as she told her thick waisted and thick skulled son to bring me back, but i never *looked back* -- i just looked at the downtrodden people i passed and wondered whether they'd ever run like me. had they ever had that impulse? why did they give in and become complacent? what makes a person lose hope, and what gives it back to them?

bottom line: what will you tolerate?

12:52 p.m. - 2005-02-22


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