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Dad and a broken freezer on R

The freezer broke on Rwood. There was nothing in it, but when I opened it animal blood was seeping across the bottom. Lots of it. Also, there was a light in there. I grabbed some paper towels and went at it. There was fluid everywhere and we were running low on paper towels. Dad and I struggled (together) over whether we should use a handy light blue tank top as a temporary sponge. I ran over to the sink and..... Consulted Khloe K about all things Kardashy. Why??? Khloe was annoyed. Why was she in the kitchen? Why was I minding the Kardashy activities instead of our own business.... Funny how that took place at the kitchen sink. Happy to see Dad though. He was wearing the state sweatshirt.

2:13 p.m. - 2015-02-20


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