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Pretending to be helpful

Dreamed I was at a water park with a popular comedian when there was a huge rainstorm & hundreds of little kids were in danger of drowning. They were together en masse, about to descend on the park, and so I panicked and pulled out my cell phone camera. My intention was to take a few pix of him first, but the camera was in the wrong mode and in my emotional state I could not get it right. Kids, babies, toddlers started sloshing into my frame. I started taking pics in video mode. No one was drowning yet. I left the guy and went across the park. A stranger was upset because she couldn't find her child/little brother/whoever. I offered to help. What's he wearing? A bathing suit and socks. Well, that wasn't too helpful. I gave up on my camera. I realized I wasn't very helpful myself. I felt despair about all these people who were going to be in trouble soon.

This has something to do with my future career aspirations. I want to work in health care & I'm afraid.

9:03 a.m. - 2014-02-20


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