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i dreamed i was walking down a hallway somewhere when a skinny black guy stopped me. "have you lost weight?" he inquired. "yeah, about five pounds," i replied. he looked at me disapprovingly and said, "don't lose any more." i contemplated that for about three seconds before turning my attention back to the five dollar bill that i was planning to stick into a vending machine. i hoped the machine could make change, but it didn't and instead ate the cash and kept my treat! "son of a bitch," i muttered, and strolled down the sidewalk outside as the sprinklers went off. i thought i spied some lollipops amongst a landscaper's tools but it was only a multicolored pvc pipe. "fuck! i'm hungry!" i scowled. i looked harder and saw a few 'pops, but i woke up before jamming one into my maw.

11:02 p.m. - 2005-02-19


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