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boobs ahoy

1. i went to my high school reunion in my bikini. every guy at the height of my cleavage tried to stick his face in it.

2. i finally found a job, and it was as a waitress. a lady didn't like her toast, so i offered her a bowl of free fruit. she didn't want it. i didn't consult anyone about offering it for free. it reminded me of working at BR and offering free cakes if they hate theirs. i'm sure you're not really supposed to do that.

3. i went to this insane movie theater in california apparently where it was half roller coaster, half theater. as in, instead of walking up the steps to your seat, you sat in a rollercoaster seat and held onto your popcorn for dear life. the ride went straight up to where the seats were, and then kept going UP. the only thing keeping me from flying away (and presumably to my death) was the grip i had on the leg of the kid next to me! but... it was so fun! i loved it. when it was over i looked on the sign to see where the other locations were. one was in century city, and the other idlewild. i definitely wanted to do it again.

9:28 a.m. - 2008-02-13


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