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i was on the phone at work when someone said that there'd been a 10-magnitude earthquake somewhere in the world. i made a spontaneous utterance into the telephone, and the next person i asked for claimed i'd called him martin and was terribly offended. i looked down at the card, apologized, and tried to regain control of the call but it was a lost cause.

then i dreamed that l. changed his mind about seeing me tomorrow and switched it to today. "i'll be over between 2:30 and 5:00," he informed me. '2:30 and 5:00?' i said to myself. 'who does he think he is, the cable guy?' i told him i thought i'd be home and hung up. i'm such a pussy. why did i let him get away with that?

finally, i dreamed that t. owned a beautiful orange creamsicle-colored classic convertible with white interior. my hip black guy friends (heh) wanted me to take it for a spin on the las vegas strip, but i demurred. "i can't. what happens if i get hit? he'll kill me." i couldn't risk it. i borrow shirts, not cars.

2:00 p.m. - 2005-02-11


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