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anxiety - Paul, ID

I was going to go on a trip in my new (to me) car when I discovered my ID was missing. I drove to Trop & East. where I knew P was staying, knocked on the door, and caught him cheating (um, even though we have been done for years) with some hooker. It was a bone a thon with others in the room too, and as soon as I walked in the party was over. I yelled at him and he began pursuing me across town, through other times and places.. You name it. He chased me like R up the side of the house on WynnW, but when I got to the backyard there were two very tall chain link fences up and I didn't have the strength to really get over it to my safety. He came up behind me and I flipped myself upside down and heaved myself away. He could have pulled me down but he didn't try. Somehow I got to the front yard and discovered my shoes, which were also missing by now.

I went into a house and P was in there with Taraji P Henson. She was standing in front of both of us, putting on a wig. On the counter was a cake that I felt should be refrigerated. I heard a noise then and asked them if they'd heard it. She asked where it was coming from and I motioned to the right. She said, that's my bedroom and went off to find out. P then said to me, "I'll help you with the kids," but I said no. I did not want anything to do with him. Somehow I realized I could use my passport until I got a new ID. Problem solved.

8:12 a.m. - 2016-02-10


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