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hi, jenn? it's me, irony

so, the girl who stole my boyfriend of five years recently got cheated on, herself, by same. i would just like to say, HAHA. i discovered this little nugget a few days back on her suicidegirls website and am very tempted to expose the stupid cow -- but i'm sure she feels dumb enough as is since i predicted with stunning accuracy this very event not four months ago. i do believe she replied that he had changed and had strayed because he wasn't happy with me. ahh, how very very funny it is when our words come back to haunt us!

last night i dreamed that i had, in fact, gleefully disclosed her heartache to all of our old friends and acquaintances. my payback was a listing in her journal all my crimes against humanity, a horrifying list i must say. "oh shit!" i exclaimed to myself as i leaned over my bro's shoulder and eyeballed the textual carnage. the one saving grace was that none of the sg commenters knew me, but still. it doesn't pay to be mean spirited, even in dreams.

12:55 p.m. - 2005-02-08


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