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urine is engrossing and noteworthy

i was leaning on something in a super cramped kitchen when, suddenly, i had to pee very badly. i grabbed the nearest container, a cool whip (tm) tub with whipped cream in it, and relieved myselff! i guess i'd had a lot of water to drink because the fluid was clear and plentiful. i put the lid on it when i was finished and hid it in the floor.

next, i dreamed that a. and i were sitting in a computer lab together when i pulled up m.'s website. i discovered he was dating someone and just enjoyed reading up on his life. i was so engrossed, in fact, that i totally forgot a. was there until he asked me something like, "who is that girl?" and saw him looking at my screen. i was like "oh, uhhh..." i was surprised at myself.

then i dreamed that i was reading a message that someone had left for me on a dry erase board. it said, "call back your two health professionals," with a number. it was about a health test and i didn't like the message. i decided i wasn't going to call them back.

10:32 p.m. - 2004-02-08


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