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sex and violence.... not down the mines

second night in a row that i've dreamed of my dumb ex. this time, i dreamed we were having sex on the floor of some bedroom when he was like, "this isn't exciting me." instead, he wanted deep oral. he tongued me, which repulsed me, then tried ramming himself into my mouth. i really wasn't too interested and pushed him away.

next, t. and i were cooking at u.'s house when i noticed a great big lion on her front lawn. it must have been 20 ft. tall or more! i said, "something bad is going to happen. we'd better get in the basement." it was late at night, but i wrote d. a courtesy note and hustled downstairs. we shut off the light and found our way through the dark as lightning flashed and the house rumbled. i attempted to lock one of the doors down there just as an intruder reached it. there were 3 of them -- 2 guys and 1 girl -- and they had knives. i did as many kung fu kicks as i could to keep them from stabbing me. they weren't as lucky.

in my parents' bedroom in p., the boys struggled with a box of knives while i stabbed at them. their responses? "ow." once they had their weapons, i knew i was going down. i ran like hell.

2:10 a.m. - 2003-07-05


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