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the two l's meet

first i dreamed that my two l's, lb and the current boy, accidentally met in public. lb didn't get that i was with l. until i kissed him on the cheek. we all went back to lb's apartment so he could process the situation, and my current boy hid in a closet and listened quietly. lb ranted about how i must be sleeping with this person (which i am), but i didn't answer directly. i asked him if he wanted to know, he said no, and that was the end of it -- or so i thought. then he said, "you're beautiful!" and threatened to hang himself in the other closet. i thought that was a touch dramatic and somehow we got out of there.

it was raining outside and my current sweetie disappeared as i drove across town to my ccd class. two of the usual suspects were so poorly behaved that i snapped and said "shit" in front of one of them, then planned to take them to the office after class so i could call their parents. for some reason we were meeting in a mall store that day, and when class was over the other class came in our room and i lost track of all my kids. when i turned around to line them up, they were gone! i wanted to cry in frustration and not teach them anymore, it was just getting to be too much.

instead of going to the office and following through, i went to another store, changed in the fitting room, and wandered around the mall for a while. when i realized what i'd done (anger makes me forgetful, apparently), i went back for my clothes but they were gone. holland taylor, the actress, was the saleswoman in one of the shops and directed me to a chair where she'd put my stuff. 'thank god,' i thought to myself. what a day.

11:57 a.m. - 2005-02-07


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