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overcoming obstacles

dreamed i met my so-called boyfriend's family at his mother's house during a big family gathering. the catch? my boyfriend was not with me! the bleepity bleep told me he wasn't coming, but that i should go anyway. it was unusual, but the actual conversations, dinner, and evening were pleasant. when i asked *them* why they thought he wasn't there, someone said, "he's.. weird." i found that his mom, indeed, had an enormous house and a huge family. she treated me well and seemed to like me.

then i dreamed i was playing a game with some asian people, friends i guess, and i didn't get it. they were getting frustrated. it was a card game where each player had to have a "one" to play, and i didn't understand that. i would try to take my turn, and they would say, "you don't have a one." they called another friend at home and asked him to come over to help me. he did come, but i didn't get any better at the game.

after that, i think i had a sims dream where all the sims were getting in the way of each other, including a girl jumping on a trampoline in front of the front door, blocking the way out. i had a hell of a time getting them out because i was in there too, and the trampoline was heavy (felt that i had to move it myself). i woke up before i cleared the way.

1:02 p.m. - 2004-02-06


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