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aristocats & the roto-styler hairbrush

i went to the movies, but the projector was on the blink. _aristocats_ came on the screen. many people complained and walked out 'cause they'd already seen it. i hadn't, but decided to leave with the herd. i grabbed my popcorn and headed out. ran into c. o. and h. d. c. lived around the corner. she had some plans with her mom already worked out.

as we approached the house, she crouched down and said, "look, it's rocking!" sure enough, her brother's van was rocking. we all started laughing. i said, "c'mon, let's get closer and look!" and she was like, "no way!" but i decided to approach.

i walked right past the van, giggling, and into her yard. the rear door of the vehicle was open, and i'd been seen. i was walking through the yard when he and a male friend surrounded me. her brother, who had a plastic bag tied around his head (no shirt, just boxers on), wielded what looked like a big knife. i was like, "hey... ."

on closer inspection, his weapon turned out to be the roto-styler hairbrush! i was wearing my green jacket. i pushed at him and somehow he ended up in the swimming pool. he crawled out, stunned. he snarled, "aww, now you're gonna get it!" he stood up, dry again, not to mention hard, and came right on my face! i could feel it hitting my skin. his friend laughed hysterically. i sunk down to the ground with my back to him. i put both my hands on my face and began wiping it off. how awful! i dipped my fingers in the pool water and cleaned myself up. then he squirted some ketchup on my back after i stoop up to cut through the rest of the yard. the end.

3:19 p.m. - 2003-07-10


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