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bum info in the marriage database

if it weren't for a crafty friend, i never would have found out a false entry could be made in the county's public record of marriages. i was hanging out in an art store or something, and my friend asked me to draw a picture. i looked at my companion and said, "ok." we both drew one and then she transferred the images to ceramic, glazed the square plates, and put famous quotes around them. i looked mine over while it was finishing and thought it was gorgeous. i went outside to sit on the curb and talk to my other friends, one of whom i hadn't seen in ages and didn't know was there. i told her that i'd recently searched her name on the county marriage lookup and was astonished to discover that she'd married her high school sweetheart. she blinked a time or two and said, "what? no i didn't." i said, "you didn't marry c.l.?" and she said, "no!" i was shocked. she has a unique first name so i knew it wasn't another s. i wasn't going to argue; she should know who she's married, after all. how could false information get in there? she wouldn't deny a matter of public record, that would be silly. i wondered how many other entries were made up too, and why anyone would do that.

12:16 p.m. - 2005-02-04


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