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shopping times two, whales, grade

dreamed that i was after-christmas shopping with my mom and aunt. my mom had $500 to spend, but of course my aunt was in possession and control of it. mom wanted a big, $30 calendar but my aunt wouldn't buy it because "[she] already has a bunch of calendars." the exchange was quite parental and i didn't like it, so i bought it for her.

then they disappeared and i was doing something with whales -- swimming with them, i don't know what else. someone mentioned the whale exhibit at a particular chicago museum, so i went over there to check it out. that's when the curator, who was going away for a few days, asked me to tighten the screws of a certain frame while he was gone. he did a demonstration for me, and i agreed to do it. i floated out the door.

when i got outside, i found myself in a mall. still on the museum high, my friend p.v. invited me to a party at her house. i decided to shop for something to wear to it, so we both went into a store. while we were shopping, there was a shooting in the mall. tons of people crowded into the store for safety. i continued shopping but didn't buy anything, and i wasn't curious about the gunfire.

also dreamed that the professor i most want to impress gave me an f- on my first paper for her. i read all the comments on the paper, and chafed the most at eccentric. harumph!

9:54 a.m. - 2004-02-02


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