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for some inexplicable reason, today i dreamed that c.s. from high school went on a date with johnny carson, and ed mcmahon was their chaperone. they drove to a restaurant together, all three of them crammed into the cab of a 1940s truck. ed got out and held the door open for c., which enabled johnny to plaster on a fake brown moustache before coming around to take her hand. c. took the rose from ed and used it to peel off johnny's moustache, and my brain zoomed up on that like it was a comedy routine. but... there was no audience, it was just the three of them outside the restaurant. they all laughed, but johnny turned around and stuck it back on. always the clown!

then i dreamed that a. a., the president of my company, was in town yet again hanging around the office. ever mindful of his presence, i continued doing my thing at my desk. as i turned a card over, i found bumper stickers for my old high school. i had no idea we were doing their annual fund campaign next! i wondered who i'd have to call first. the name wasn't anyone i knew, and the card was very blank. all it had was her name and number, and the non-donor designation -- no grad. year or even the name of the school! sheesh. i looked over the client material and found some school bumper stickers. one had the school logo, and the other had "b.g. sucks" on it. heh! guess that was for those who refused to donate.

11:25 a.m. - 2005-01-31


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