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monkeys take the plunge and die - or something

1. t. caught me having sex with someone.

2. t. and i unwrap box after box of monkeys as dad watches. i've bought these for t., which are the same size as an organ grinder's. one gets loose and pulls on our bedsheets.

3. a short walk past paradise crest had me sailing through the air in an open air blimp. lots of passengers. well, of course we had to jump over the side. we were very high up and were to land in a lake. my male friend and i jumped, landed in the murky water, and were ok (taking the plunge, hmm).

shortly after, i learned the lake surrounded some graves. one family had left a speedboat at their relative's grave. i saw something fleshy laying in it. i didn't want to go look! i turned around to go up the stone steps to leave when i noticeed some sort of acrobatic show in progress. yes, another dream where i had to shimmy up a rope to get somewhere. i did it, talked to some crazy performer in a leotard, and woke up.

3:14 p.m. - 2003-07-10


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