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Terrorized by a cat

I was sitting in a booth in my house, like a restaurant booth, with Frank on one side, Rustie on my lap, and my dad just outside the booth. We were just sitting around talking when I saw this cat, which I don't own, cruising around the edge of the booth, staring Rustie down. I tapped my debit card and said to my dad, "Wait a minute, wait a minute -- Take Rustie, I don't like that cat." I realized there were then two Rusties on my lap, the sick and dying one, and the healthy one. I thought that was odd. Just then the cat pounced and I immediately grabbed it and put my debit card in its mouth end to end so it couldn't bite. I yelled for help with the dog and grabbed the cat around the throat. Evidently I was not adverse a by-the-neck disposal. The cat's eyes were a bit wild, understandably. Frank was trying to take healthy Rustie while I waited. Then I woke up. This dream is about fear of being attacked while unprepared, such as with Drumpf, but I think I handled myself much better than previous similar dreams.


When I got home this evening, my actual dog was having trouble breathing. I was desperately searching for a 24 hr vet and found one 25 mi from the house. Oy vey. By the time we were ready to go his breathing had returned to normal. No more incidents all night. Very weird. I think it definitely reminded me of Rustie dying. He could have died tonight. Glad Rustie will have to wait a little longer to take him home.

4:31 a.m. - 2017-01-30


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