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PB at Walmart with a badge

Dreamed I ran into PB (ex) at Walmart, wandering around in a printed t-shirt and a sheriff's badge. Why did I care if he was fooling people? He wasn't even in uniform. I motioned to my in-uniform cop friend, here he comes. Chat his fake ass up. I sneaked away. I went off to choose my groceries. I couldn't decide, so I gave up and followed PB around the store. Eventually I tripped and fell onto some tarred wood and nails he was fixing (?) in an aisle. I was massively embarrassed and apologized profusely. When I got home, I fell into a bathtub with a bubble bath in it already. I need to really watch where I'm going. Especially when there are people already in the area where I'm falling all over the place. A blonde woman, maybe C from Seattle and a younger version of her son, were already in the bathroom.

5:08 p.m. - 2015-01-23


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