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dan sherbondy

dreamed i was at a show when dan sherbondy, of vegas's _the dan show_, sat down next to me. i looked at him and said, "i think i know you." we stared into each other's faces, and that's when i realized he was the host of the live show i was there to see, and it was a regular thing for him to pretend to be an audience member. there was no mic or any outward evidence it was entertainment for anyone else though -- just him. he was wearing a sloppy t-shirt and jeans, and i finally put together that i'd met him at a bar once. he started tickling me and we clowned around in our seats. the place had a full audience but he seemed in no hurry to get ready or prep for the show. i think he tried to pull me onto his lap before i woke up.

dan sherbondy, eh. i haven't watched that show in a long time but he sure made an impression on me! meeeeOoowww.

1:16 p.m. - 2006-01-20


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