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I made a wrong, wrong turn in a building and ended up in a closet with a bunch of captives slated to be murdered. They were all seated on the floor of the closet, hands bound. Their captives were in the bedroom watching propaganda and training videos. Their leader was someone ruthless like Fidel Castro, so I knew these people were all toast. I stood in the corner desperately hoping and praying someone would notice I didn't belong in this sad bunch and let me go. I concentrated on becoming one with the corner. Soon enough the murdering started and blood started splashing around. Magically I was back in the hallway, no worse for wear. I discovered Lewis Black lived in the building and stopped to chat with him because his door was open. (What a nice place to live.) Unlike any other dream I've had about him, he kissed me in this one, and frankly I didn't like it. I left his door and ran into Angela Bassett. Really now! I sat down with her and had the most satisfying intellectual discussion I've had in ages. I hoped that LB would not see me sitting with her and he did not. He was in for the night.

This is a dream theme bonanza. It all boils down to associations and fitting in. I don't fit in with political captives, I'm not a groupie with an agenda, but Angela Bassett really does it for me apparently. I am in no way a peer of AB but my sleeping brain thinks she is the best.

2:22 p.m. - 2018-01-19


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