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I know nahzink

2nd dream today, this one about refereeing a hotly contested soccer-like game in my basement. Snape was the leader of the other team. They wore purple outfits and headdresses. The game involved 2 balls, a soccer ball and a tiny secondary one, smaller than a tennis ball. Well there was a dispute about where the 2nd one landed in play, and I didn't know the rules of the game I was reffing! The game was at a standstill. I suggested taking pix of the ball positions and moving the game to another field, but no one was interested. The dispute was unresolved when I woke up.

I think this is about covering the library and being ignorant of its operations & unable to answer ANY questions satisfactorily. I'm calling the desk the Disinformation desk lately. O, woe.

11:06 a.m. - 2014-01-17


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