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Perilous dating choices

Paul. Dreamed he assumed I was working as a food runner & put in an order. I was just picking up something. Something about the address I recognized, not the street tho. I was annoyed he was still trying to use me as a gofer. I had decided since I didn't work there not to deliver it.

Drove thru the desert, like Red Rock Canyon, with some guy. Seemed to be a bf. we were in a hurry & driving a little recklessly. We decided to abandon the road & drive over the rocks as a shortcut. We didn't crash, but somehow I ended up outside of the car, running (?) and sliding down rocks with a mysterious second guy. Who was he? I think he looked like the gangster guy, Escobar, from Nip/Tuck. I wondered if my bf would be upset.

This is about Jsf's menu, the possibility of dating a Latino and shortcuts & wipeouts?

8:00 a.m. - 2014-01-17


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