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size 7 nooses in water with frozen food and ice cream

dreamed that a. and i went ice skating somewhere, and i thought it was so sweet that he'd gotten me a pair of size 7 skates. as we tottered over to the ice, we passed under a very fat man who had been hanged. i stared at him in wonder. "did you *see* that?" i asked a. then we passed several more men and women -- a total of four -- who had been hung similarly. apparently there had been a one car accident on the freeway, and these people had been dealt with very harshly. it was disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

then, instead of hitting the ice at last, we were in water. it is not an easy thing to swim with ice skates strapped to your feet, but we tried. then a. disappeared and i was watching paris and nicky hilton shop in the frozen food section of a supermarket. nicky read the labels while paris lollygagged. then they, too, disappeared, and n. and his blonde girlfriend came with me to cold stone creamery. i guess shelling out that ten dollars last night really shocked me! the three of us didn't buy anything, though.

1:15 p.m. - 2004-01-16


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