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one rainy afternoon in chicago i dogsat a barker with two names. the owners could not decide on a moniker, so one called him versace and the other called him ruffin. i didn't call him anything as he never left my side.

at some point i had to use the bathroom so i took him into the ladies room with me. outside the stall i discovered that he was wound in string. as i pried his legs out of the stuff, i found more of it mottled by his chest. a bucket magically appeared and i put him in it. somewhere between putting him in the bucket and walking down the street in the rain, V/R defecated and a chunk of poop landed on top of his tail. i looked into the bucket and thought, "for god's sake." he just stood in the bucket wagging his tail as the rain poured down. my intention was clean him up, but instead i kept walking.

2:14 p.m. - 2008-01-15


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