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Wardrobe malfunction

I went to a Chinese salon to get an eyebrow waxing. All the helpers and all of the display models were Chinese. While waiting for my waxer, I milled about looking at their non-toxic product lines. It was the stuff that peels off. I went off to find a bathroom and ended up in a changing room. It was a fitting room with a toilet and an industrial door, like at a grocery store, with a window. Everybody else's window was see-though but mine wasn't. When I went out to the front again, I laid down on a chaise and just waited. And waited. My aunt and a younger version of me came in and asked me what I was wearing. I looked down and saw a blue and white gingham bare-midriff top with cape sleeves. Wtf? It only covered my boobs. I blamed a salon worker.

12:55 p.m. - 2012-01-14


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