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moving and the art of compromise

two distinct dreams:

1. my immediate family, comprised of three adults, loaded up all of our stuff and moved back to illinois in the dead of night. we told no one, not even a. i was very upset. robert redford inspected the van to make sure it wasn't overloaded, then we took off. i was not at all happy with being spirited away without so much as a discussion. most of all, i was going to miss our phone number. we'd had the same one for all sixteen years!

2. went to a cake store with j., dad's ex, possibly t., and dad. i was in a foul mood because i'd had to compromise on my birthday cake (ie - not get the one i wanted) because we were back in illinois and frugal again. by the time we got outside, the entire thing had been consumed -- and i hadn't gotten any of it! i was livid and took it all out on j. i was really nasty and abusive, and she admitted that she deserved some of my wrath because she'd eaten a piece. but mostly, i was aggrieved for compromising myself out of my own pleasure.

10:24 a.m. - 2004-01-15


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