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the old house, running, spanish

i dreamed i was leading a tour of my old neighborhood. i forget exactly who was with me, but at least one person was a boyfriend. he really didn't seem too interested, and i made a mental note of it. when we got to my old house, i was horrified by the landscaping. the grass was stringy and long, and there was grass in the tree as well. the house was apparently occupied by some very lazy people.

then i dreamed i was running across town in la grange, illinois, to buy smokes for somebody. they actually weren't for my mom, for once, but when i got to the smoke shop, it was night time and there were some scary smokers lurking out front. i asked if they were in line and they said no, so i slipped past them and went up to the vendor. i had to sidle along the magazine rack and ask the lady in spanish if she had my brand. she said some gibberish back to me, and i left without any. then, as i was running back across town, i fell chest-first into a river of auto coolant. i looked down at myself, saw that it wasn't too bad, whatever that means, and started running again. i have no idea where i was headed.

2:05 p.m. - 2005-01-12


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