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Double fantasy

Fa fa fa first, I dreamed that Julie apologized. Yes, that would be big. We were in water of course, she came up like a mermaid, looked me dead in the eye and apologized and I accepted. Then I want to say she disappeared? I was walking around a big water park where literally dozens of people were clumped together at the bottom of a slide ride waiting to get off. Some had masks. I was walking around the grounds thinking, nooo thanks, not for me. It was late afternoon, everybody was having a good time except me possibly. I was walking around semi in the manner of a person looking for their kid. Maybe I was observing other people enjoying themselves? Or maybe I was just looking around at people on the way out. I left and went to a mall department store. I saw a bunch of things I liked, but it struck me they looked like probable Christmas gifts and I should refrain in case someone bought them for me. (Reasons against this that did not occur to me: A- Anyone who might buy me a sweater at Christmas is dead; B- It’s January, Christmas is over.)

8:55 a.m. - 2022-01-11


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