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While on a muscle relaxer…

… I dreamed I was someone popular’s younger sister living on the East coast somewhere in the early 1980s. I was attending a major league sporting event, probably baseball, with many other people in a lower deck area that seemed to be like a galley or an office. Some place that you might have a radio on to know what’s going on even though you are in the stadium. Everyone was telling me I needed to root for the team openly, I needed to be all-in “if I’m going to wear that jacket.” I looked down and I was wearing a letterman’s jacket. The colors were yellow and black which would suggest Pittsburgh but it felt like New York. The scene changed to a home bedroom with me and two other women. A mother type, me, and another girl, but only they were related. The mother was embarrassed by the girl and kept a large couch cushion over her head and torso while we talked. What was the girl doing, was she caught en flagrante by the other woman?? At times she appeared to be in the bed alone, maybe just half dressed. I could only ever see the woman’s bare midriff. The mother was talking genealogy to me while covering up the girl. I don’t remember anything said.

5:03 p.m. - 2022-01-10


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