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I was first outside with maybe DK-P or S.W., making the kind of small talk that stops them from leaving while I searched frantically through my keychain for my house keys. Later, after I could stall them no more, I continued at the back picnic table of what I think was W’wood, but the table was up super high and I could see mountains. All kinds of keys were on there, so many I didn’t remember what they unlocked anymore, and I was beginning to panic. The sun was rising and I just wanted to go in, but I just couldn’t find the key. I unlocked the rings and started pulling things off. I even accidentally pulled the rubber band out of my hair. I pulled about 15 game cards off that I’d saved, everything and nothing. I kept grabbing the keys themselves but nothing felt familiar.

8:21 a.m. - 2022-01-09


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