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Marathon, boat, social probs

A marathon was going to start just outside of Rollingw*, and I decided spontaneously to join it. Mind you I can barely run around a block let alone for 26 miles. Halfway up the block the scene changed to a stranger's bedroom. I had put patterned sheets on a man's bed, but he was complaining to a social worker that he didn't like them and wanted to take them back. She didn't entirely believe him because he was complaining while in the bed. I said it my fault and went outside. Once outside I climbed onto a cruise ship that was parked on Tropicana Ave. What had become of all the runners? On the ship my group was loaded onto a smaller craft and launched into the water. It was no longer Tropicana. The scene changed and I was back on the boat, sitting with KP while waiting for something to happen. A woman came around and complained that we were not in alphabetical order. I said to KP, "What's that matter? I want to sit here." KP apparently agreed with the woman and moved somewhere else. I was left on the entire bench by myself. It was around that time that I lost my iPhone, the new one. Oh, woe! While I was off looking for my phone, all the activities started. Apparently my dad called during this time and was given a murky answer as to whether I was on board or not. I went back to the main activity room and talked to someone about my phone, then hung around the back wall. Apparently I was back in high school, sort of. Connie Gerb* was leading the PowerPoint about all the activities. It seemed to be a full schedule, problem was I was late and not well connected. Just then, someone found my phone, saying, "I think that belongs to the gray girl." The gray girl. He made me sound half-dead. When i had decided to run the marathon, i didn't have my gray jacket then. Hmmph. I was busy stuffing my ship tickets into the phone case when I woke up.

10:46 a.m. - 2012-01-09


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