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Still packing for a trip!

Standing next to a large table deciding what to pack for my impending departure. I have a large backpack but only one. I do feel bad that not everything will fit. I decide on books, shoes, and food. I have personal papers, have to cram those in. I spent a lot of time stuffing things in the bag, trying to make it not too heavy.

Next the dream took me to a high school reunion that was sparsely attended. I didn't care, sitting there eating something and I think sitting by myself. I ended up in the bedroom of a woman from work, deciding to her bemusement that I should wear her shoes to the airport -- except they didn't fit. I had to wear my own. Her shoes were an inch too short. Duh, whether they fit me never entered my mind.

8:56 a.m. - 2018-01-08


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