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lb taunts me

i'd brought some food to a casino restaurant for some reason, intending to share it with s. and e. from work. i had just put out the saki when i realized that the other man at the table was l.b. i stared at him and stood up very straight. wouldn't you know, he took that moment to tell them that my underwear is greasy, something totally fabricated & meant to piss me off. i yelled in his face, "shut the fuck up!" and walked away. for some reason i was afraid he would follow me, so i zigzagged across the casino to the hotel elevators. they turned out to be slower than hell for bullet elevators, but once i got in there with the doors closed i relaxed. after i got out and calmed down, the lights in the casino went out and i had to take a rickety stairwell out of the building. all thoughts of him faded away as i got closer to the sunshine on the boulevard. whew.

5:15 p.m. - 2005-01-08


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