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sister tim

i got in what i thought was a school bakery line and discovered that they were selling field trip tickets to sister tim's renewal weekend. they were fifty bucks a pop! fifty bucks to spend 72 hours with her, j.s. the bowler, and heaven knows who else. i left the line and literally ran away. ha, ha!

in the parking lot, i hooked up with a friend who drove me to her house. she lived in a housing tract where the garages were camoflaged. as she drove in and the floor of the garage descended, i said, "i would never be able to handle living like this." she laughed and said i would be fine. it was so narrow!

we left for church later in the day. the cantor that day was a young girl, and when it was time to sing she missed her cue. i had my mouth ready to sing the song so i tried to pantomime singing for her. she didn't see me though. oy vey, what a retarded dream.

12:28 p.m. - 2006-01-06


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